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My activities


November 2023 After an unwated pause, that lasted many years we have yet again met with beautiful instruments, friends and tremendous musician Jaroslav Svěcený.






June 2021 For several years I have been the main sponsor of the 1st prize for the Kocian violin competition. The first prize for this 63rd year of this competition goes to Alexandr Kolesnik. Congratulations!


5. 7. 2013 I attended the opening concert "Klášterec music sources". Very valuable for me was July 13, 2013 exhibition and lecture on historical instruments, but also contemporary violin makers in the administration of the violin virtuoso Jaroslav Mr. Svěcený.



11.6.2013 June 11, 2013 An essential part of my work is searching efforts, sawing and everything else that relates to the preparation and maturation of the material for the manufacture of other instruments.



7.6. 2013 As a juror, I attended the "tone of the violin competition" in Luby near Cheb. On this occasion I gave a donation. It was a pleasant meeting with many colleagues and lots of other czech scene celebrities.



8th 5-11 5. 2013 Kocian Violin Competition - Ústí nad Orlicí


This year I visited the Kocian Violin Competition. On this occasion I paid sponsorship gift. Effort and success of young violinists and fiddlers and their great performances became a great inspiration and above all motivation for further work.



8. - 9. 6 2012 jsem se jako porotce zúčastnil "Tónové soutěže houslí" v Lubech u Chebu. Při této příležitosti jsem se setkal s kolegy a také známými osobnostmi.